Alpine Indoor – Turning Newbies into Fanatics, One Person at a Time

I was pleasantly surprised when a client recently dropped in for a visit. Last fall, I had the privilege of introducing him and his son to the sport of skiing at Alpine Indoor.

Once their series of beginner lessons at Alpine Indoor concluded, they ventured out to several local ski areas. It was gratifying to hear him recount his successful ski adventures which included several trips down black diamond (expert) slopes. He mentioned that skiing was “exhilarating” and now he was “looking forward” to Canadian winters.

In fact, he was starting to exhibit the classic signs of a true ski fanatic such as watching ski videos on YouTube and leaving work “ a little early to squeeze in a few hours of skiing”. His only regret was that he waited too long to start enjoying the sport of skiing.

Make the most of next season by joining us for a few sessions this spring and summer? Our sessions can be adapted and modified to suit everyone’s goals and abilities. Please feel free to contact us or drop in for a tour and demo.

Yours truly,

John Peters
Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Centre

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