Alpine Slopes Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center

Is under new ownership and we have changed our name.  Come check us out as we are located at the same location in Mississauga and we have so many new and exciting services and offerings for you!

Formerly Alpine Slopes
Formerly Alpine Slopes

Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing and Snowboard Training Center  is now known as Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center.

Now Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center

Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing is a fun activity that you can do year round! Come try out snowboarding on our indoor tracks.  Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding Training Center is the only indoor skiing training facility of its kind within Canada – a first for Canada!

Check out some of our customer reviews by visiting our GroupOn page customer review page.

Cindy F. I’ve only ever downhill skied once in my life and that was decades ago. Alpine slopes was terrifying at first, but I was able to pick up the basic technique within the one session. The additional plus was the great workout I got. I’m am aching all over! We are considering signing for more sessions with them and we might even sign up our children. It’s a great way to learn to ski without worrying about head injuries.

Stephanie G. Excellent experience, will definitely return!

Lynn P. Tons of fun, the coach was great with my kids, learned a lot, definitely going back. My friends said they were glad i took them, its something they never would have done on their own and they will go back again too. Can’t say enough good about Alpine Slopes, great exercise great place to learn and great fun.

Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing
Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing

Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter is always here for Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding. Featuring the facility’s state of the art Maxxtracks skiing and snowboarding simulator, resembling an enormous treadmill covered in soft powder.

The ground of the Maxxtracks is composed of nylon tufts that are constantly rolling creating a soft training area for ski and snowboard instruction. Instructors can adjust the speed and slope of the machine`s surface to a maximum speed of 25 kph for a realistic skiing or snowboarding experience. Have the complete comfort of safety on our indoor skiing and snowboarding surface.

Alpine Slopes Indoor Snowboarding
Alpine Slopes Indoor Snowboarding

This adjustability of the machine allows the instructors to introduce basic techniques to beginners or help advanced skiers hone proper form or develop new skills.  Equipped with a wall-length mirror you can inspect your skiing or snowboarding technique. Simulating for Alpine Slopes Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding will allow even novices learn eight times faster than if they were practicing out on real hills or atop their neighbour’s roof.  Guests can unwind at a full bar located within the rest area called the Alpine Ski Club, which boasts the atmosphere of an authentic log ski lodge.  Why go to a Blue Mountain Resort or any of the ski resorts Ontario when you can find things to do in Toronto this weekend with the kids by checking out our Alpine Slopes at Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center.

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